Sustainable design is no longer the future, it's the now

The drive to build in a sustainable and environmentally ethical way is reaching a tipping point in most corners of the world.  The question we all need to ask ourselves is, "Are we going to lead the building revolution, or be swept out to sea in its wake?"

Wood is by far the most sustainable and eco-friendly easy-to-obtain building material the planet has to offer: Sustainable and clean (unlike concrete or steel), flexible in earthquakes, durable in storms, and cost effective.  However, building codes around the world continue to adapt to reflect the need for fire retardants in wood construction, leaving architects and designers in a quandary as to how best protect the wood they use and meet the building standards.

The most common wood protection materials on the market are, in a word, horrible.  Pressure treatment chemicals like ACQ, CCA (which has been banned in most countries), Dricon and others are toxic and incredibly harmful to our environment.

But until recently, they were the only game in town - until NexGen came along and changed everything.

Ø    Fire claims thousands of lives and destroys tens of thousands of homes and commercial properties every year.

Ø    Mould claims per homeowners routinely exceeded $100,000, and mould claims in the infestations commercial setting often exceed $1 million.

Ø    Insect damage costs an average of $11,000 (US) per incident to fix, and the fix typically involves extremely hazardous chemicals.

Ø    At least 40,000 “toxic mould cases filed in the US and Canada in 2011 (via Ohio Insurance Institute) From 2001 to 2013, the cost of mould claims has more than quadrupled.

Not only is NexGen eco-friendly, it is warranted to protect wood from fire, mould, mildew, and insect infestation - the ONLY product in the world with such a warranty.  This warranty is underwritten globally by Lloyds of London.

If you are concerned that builders will balk at using NexGen if you spec it into a project, don't be.  Builders typically make 20% - 40% in up-charging customers for the use of our protective coatings.  Yet the property owner may not have to pay a cent for that protection.  

How is this possible?

NexGen is able to make the product free to property owners via discounts you can obtain for both home insurance and mortgage insurance that essentially cancels out the additional cost of using our materials.  But even if they don't wish to get those discounts, the product is incredibly inexpensive considering both today's building costs (about $1.50 / ft2, or less than 1% added to typical building costs), and much  more importantly, how much warranted protection they get.

So we ask: Why wouldn't you use NexGen?

NexGen's unique and award-winning technology protects wood from those things that have traditionally been most damaging to it.  It takes only a single application of our coatings to remove those threats and provide your customers with the peace of mind that fire won't cause the roof to collapse on them, or the floor from under them, or that even the very air they breathe isn't contaminated with mould spores that can cause and incredible array of debilitating illnesses.

Our coatings are eco-friendly and non-toxic.  They add no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) to the wood, nor do they off-gas or leach.  They contain no carcinogens, no heavy metals, and no formaldehyde. And as an additional cost saving benefit to all builders, any waste material is discarded with the untreated lumber, and does not require the special handling that standard pressure treatment products do.

But how do you know this to be true?  It's a valid question, particularly when you realize that almost all chemical companies produce their own MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which aught to be quite concerning to everyone.  NexGen went to the extraordinary step of having a third party produce our MSDS on our behalf so that our customers and partners could be completely assured that the product is as eco-friendly as we claim.

So again we ask, why wouldn't you use it?



Ø  UL Rated (Class A) fire protection with warranty (our unique global, third party fire warranty protects home owners PLUS manufacturers, distributors & builders);

Ø  Warranty for mould, rot, & wood-boring insects, including all termites;

Ø  Single coating application is simple to do (spray, flood or dip process);

Ø  VERY inexpensive – as little as 2 cents / square foot of coated area;

Ø  Eco-friendly, non-toxic & non-corrosive (no special fasteners required);

Ø  Works on all wood products & species of wood;

Ø  Can be any colour or perfectly clear;

Ø  Works great as a prime coat;

Ø  NexGen is also a water barrier which can result in up to 25% less waste per bundle (minimizes cupping, twisting, warping, etc as well as shrinkage after construction);

Ø  Interior or exterior use;

Ø  NOT an intumescent – no handle-with-care limitations for coated material;

Ø  Completed audited testing at the world’s leading independent testing agencies (BM TRADA, Intertek, LSU, Bombardier & more – Ask us for the reports!).