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Frequently Asked Questions



NexGen is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood coating system that comes with a lifetime warranty to prevent mould, rot, mildew, fungus and all insect infestation from any wood-boring insects, including termites.

NexGen can be applied to any type of wood product (engineered wood products, OSB, plywood, stick lumber, I-Beams, I-Joists, etc.) and to any species of wood. 

NexGen is available in ANY colour or a clear coat - and the finished product can also be painted or stained without any change to the warranty or the protection. 

NexGen has a sophisticated UV inhibitor so it can be used outdoors for any exterior application.


NexGen FlameShield is for customers that are not in areas where wood-boring insects are a concern, but the customers see the value in protecting their home from fire, while doing so in an eco-friendly manner.


NexGen ADVANCED is a Class A Fire Rated product, the only non-intumescent coating to achieve such a rating.

When our product prototype was originally developed in the southern US, it was developed in response to the great need in that region for some type of product that could protect wood against mould and termites. It did that, and did it very well.

A Canadian company approached us about the potential of adding their eco-friendly fire inhibitor to the solution, the idea being that the two products combined could provide even greater protection for homes and families.

After a great deal of testing, our hopes were rewarded. With the addition of this environmentally friendly fire inhibitor, NexGen ADVANCED was graded as a Class A Fire Inhibiting product per the exhaustive ASTM testing methods.


Well, NexGen is Class A-rated for fire, comes with that extensive lifetime warranty, and is completely environmentally friendly. That means it must be expensive, right?

Not at all. To build the entire superstructure of a home out of NexGen adds less than one-half of 1% to the total building costs. Even though the NexGen product line is the new and upgraded version of the original product prototype, it is actually LESS expensive!


The reason costs remain so low is due to its easy application and our proprietary technology. 

NexGen is sprayed on the wood (or flood-coated or dipped– no pressure treating is required) and is air dried, not kiln dried. The lumber is put through a standard spray booth and is wet stacked and hard packed. Once the film cures (about 1-3 hours under cover), the bundle of finished NexGen™ is placed in the yard without need for a plastic cover, adding an environmental bonus and cost saving.

NexGen consists of a borate compound combined with our proprietary Microbarrier™ technology. Borates, a naturally occurring salt, have been used for many, many years to protect wood products. However, in the past, if the wood got wet, the borates would leach out, removing any protection they had initially provided. NexGen’s Microbarrier™ locks in the borates so they can not leach, allowing us to provide a lifetime warranty for protection. As an added benefit, the Microbarrier™ also locks in the moisture level of the wood, and locks out any additional moisture from entering the wood. This means the wood stays healthier and stronger for a long, long time.


BluWood was initially developed in 2000 to address the mould and termite issues plaguing the US. The original chemist that created BluWood continued to work on improving the durability of the product, and in 2012 he designed an upgraded version with special UV inhibiting benefits. It is this version of the product that is now known as NexGen™.

Currently in North America there are a growing number of facilities using NexGen™, and product is being developed with our partners in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South Korea, and throughout Europe and the Caribbean.


NexGen™ combines business logic with respect for the environment. Here are the facts:

It takes 53% more energy to create steel construction products than wood construction products;

It takes 120% more energy to create construction-ready concrete than wood construction products;

A wood frame home uses less energy (up to 8 times!) to heat and cool a wood frame home than either a steel or concrete home.

Further, let's not forget the extremely high C02 emissions that come from the manufacture of concrete and steel (concrete production, after the burning of fossil fuels, is the No. 2 cause of greenhouse gas emissions). 

And perhaps the least known fact about trees: each year more than 2 billion trees are planted in North America alone, and we actually have more forested area than we did 30 years ago.

Simply put, trees are the planet’s only renewable building material. Period.


Because of it’s attributes, our product is becoming more and more high-profile; you may have seen the prototype on a number of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition episodes (watch one of the segments on our Gallery page).

Brad Pitt has been using it for all his Eco-Friendly building projects in New Orleans' Ninth Ward (

Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes (as seen on HGTV) has used it in a number of projects and is a proud and vocal supporter of our product

Global Green, Mikael Gorbachev's environmental organization, is using it in its eco-friendly developments in 29 countries.