the sydney opera house is using nexgen


Our award-winning NexGen has won the prestigious contract for wood treatments for the Sydney Opera House. NexGen is fast gaining worldwide recognition for our industry-changing eco-friendly wood protection technology which costs substantially less yet does much more than traditional wood treatments.

If it's good enough for the Sydney Opera House, shouldn't you use it at home? By adding less than 1% to the overall cost of any new-build, it isn't too expensive.  

So let's look at some different scenarios: A family has engaged a builder to create a new home for them; a developer is looking to build a 200-unit complex; a mining company needs 50 work camps; a commercial developer is planning to break ground on a 200,000 square foot center. 

Only with NexGen will the entire wood package used in these construction projects be:

- protected from fire

- protected from mould, mildew, and wood-boring insects, including all termites

- protected using only non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals

- insured by the world's only third-party, global warranty for all of the above (yes, including fire)

And again, all this protection comes at a cost of less than 1% to the overall building costs.

Why would anyone say no? At the very least, shouldn’t everyone be given the option?

And if your builder isn't asking you if you want NexGen, you need to ask them.

But there is an even a more basic question we hope you're asking yourself (we’ll get to that…)

In addition to the Sydney Opera House, NexGen was a key supplier for the Panama Canal Expansion Project, the EU's tallest (30m) wood clad building used NexGen on all the cladding, and for CLT / glulam projects such as the 6-story all-wood addition to the Penticton Casino Resort, NexGen has become the go-to protection provider.  

Why are they, and so many additional CLT / wood builders on six continents, choosing NexGen?

NexGen Ecoatings manufactures & distributes eco-friendly coatings specifically engineered to protect the entire wood package of a new structure from fire, mould, mildew, and insects.  NexGen is applied to wood just once in a single application process (brushing, rolling, spraying, flood coating, dipping, or even pressure treatment).  Once it air dries (1-3 hours), NexGen forms the ultimate protection for wood – and it costs a fraction of current wood treatments, and comes fully warranted with global 3rd party insurance coverage through legendary insurance provider Lloyds of London.

Sound impossible?  No, it’s NexGen.  And it’s NOT an intumescent coating!

NexGen FlameShield and NexGen ADVANCED products have achieved a Class A fire rating for a surface coatings - even on OSB.  

FACT:  NexGen’s fire protection is so unique and robust that we are the first & only company in the world to obtain a global third party fire insurance policy for wood products. That is because our coatings are UL Rated, the only non-intumescent coating in the world to achieve that.

NexGen, a Canadian company, is quickly becoming the global choice for protective wood coatings.  A great example is the work we did with mega-developer R&F Properties on their beautiful wood frame development at Mangrove Bay, Hainan, China (pictured above).  See more information on this project on the Canada Wood website HERE

Only NexGen could address the termite, mould and fire issues R&F Properties was concerned with.  That's because when just a single coat of NexGen is applied to wood, it provides the ultimate protection from fire (UL rated), mould, mildew, and insect infestation, including termites.

NexGen has worked very closely with our insurance partners to ensure that property owners that make the eco-ethical choice to protect their new structures are rewarded for that choice with lower insurance premiums.  Naturally we want everyone to use NexGen products – starting immediately - and now everyone can without having to make any additional sacrifices to their budget.  

Fire kills or injures millions of people, including emergency responders, around the world each year, and it simply doesn’t have to be so.  At NexGen, we want to do what we can to save as many lives as possible – without using harmful chemicals that make our already ailing planet even worse.  

Our children deserve better than that.

We all deserve better than that.

Together, we MUST do better than that.

Let's stop the excuses and start embracing the new technologies that are there for everyone.

Oh, and the other question we hope you’re asking yourself:   

Why aren’t you and everyone you care about using it?

From Vancouver to Dubai, from London to Shanghai, from Moscow to Sydney, NexGen is protecting people, property, and the planet, one building at a time.

                                                    NexGen: Proud Winners Of The 2015 ADEX Platinum Award For Design Excellence!


NexGen: Proud Winners Of The 2015 ADEX Platinum Award For Design Excellence!



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