no one said saving the planet couldn't be a money-making enterprise

Product Origin:

NexGen was developed by leading US chemists in 2000 to meet market demand for a product that would protect homes from the dangers of mould and insects.  Since its creation, NexGen has undergone, and continues to undergo, robust, audited, third-party laboratory testing while providing anecdotal and real-world evidence of efficacy.

NexGen is a single-spray solution that provides comprehensive protection for all wood components used in the superstructure of a home. It is guaranteed to protect wood from mould fungus growth, uncontrolled moisture absorption, rot, fungi and wood ingesting insects, including termites.

The first part of this technology is NexGen's proprietary MicroBarrier that forms a water-repellent, semi-vapor permeable film interlocking with the wood fibers at a cellular level to provide controlled topical and subsurface moisture absorption. The MicroBarrier is also specially formulated to resist mould growth on the cured surface of the film.

The second part of this technology is the DOT Wood Preservative, a proven fungicide and insecticide that provides protection from rot fungi and wood ingesting insects, including termites.  DOT (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate but commonly referred to as "borate"), is a time-tested wood preservative used for the protection and treatment of lumber against fungal decay and wood destroying insects, including termites.  Borates are virtually non-corrosive to metal and are widely used in the building industry in all parts of the world.  The problem with borates used to have, however, was that they would leach from the wood, even if it had been pressure treated into the wood substrate, leaving you with no protection at all.

With NexGen, the MicroBarrier actually seals the wood, locking in the borates and ensuring all the benefits long-term.  The MicroBarrierTM protection is so strong that NexGen products are used for both interior and exterior applications, and warranted as such.  

The most effective method of preventing mould growth is to control moisture absorption; however, this is difficult to achieve. NexGens unique MicroBarrier controls moisture absorption.

The MicroBarrier bonds with the wood at the cellular level, which ensures there is no leaching of chemicals into the environment or reduction in protection from mould or infestation over time.

Unlike other mould preventive products that are only available as a job-site application, NexGen is applied to lumber, trusses, panel products, and EWP by closely monitored quality assurance guidelines. Licensed factory application ensures complete and consistent coverage that doesn't interfere with the construction of the building, and provides a Global Warranty.

Adding fire protection:

After introducing the product to the global building community as a product warranted for mould and insect protection, and "oh-by-the-way, it's also a Class B fire retardant", we realized that everyone was keying in on the fire protection aspect of the product.

We immediately began R&D work on increasing the fire retardant capabilities of NexGen.  Years of research, testing, retesting and doing real world studies, NexGen FlameShield was born.  Achieving a Class A, UL Rated product was a huge feat for a single-spray coating for wood.  In fact, we're still the only company to achieve this.

making production profitable:

Our partners in North America and Europe have all confirmed that the cost of production for the products, including labour, energy consumption, equipment amortization, etc, is typically $45 to $60 per mfbm.  The wholesale price for the product is typically $90 to $110 per mfbm.

Those are impressive margins indeed.

We need coating partners around the world to enable us to meet the demand we are receiving for our products. Please contact our Head Office if you have interest in working with us.

Here is a short video showing how simple the application process is:

Product Details:

Ø  UL Rated (Class A) fire protection with warranty (our unique global, third party fire warranty protects home owners PLUS manufacturers, distributors & builders);

Ø  Warranty for mould, rot, & wood-boring insects, including all termites;

Ø  Single coating application is simple to do (spray, flood or dip process);

Ø  VERY inexpensive – as little as 2 cents / square foot of coated area;

Ø  Eco-friendly, non-toxic & non-corrosive (no special fasteners required);

Ø  Works on all wood products & species of wood;

Ø  Can be any colour or perfectly clear;

Ø  Works great as a prime coat;

Ø  NexGen is also a water barrier which can result in up to 25% less waste per bundle (minimizes cupping, twisting, warping, etc as well as shrinkage after construction);

Ø  Interior or exterior use;

Ø  NOT an intumescent – no handle-with-care limitations for coated material;

Ø  Completed audited testing at the world’s leading independent testing agencies (BM TRADA, Intertek, LSU, Bombardier & more – Ask us for the reports!).