Our Mission

Coordinating with our global partners to change the way every building is constructed, thus ensuring that future generations have healthy and safe places to live and work without jeopardizing the health and safety of our planet.

NexGen is the future of building. It has allowed my company to address issues it had been unable to address before, and to do it in such a cost effective and eco-friendly way has been fantastic.
— Don "Stubby" Warmbold, President, Black Locust Lumber USA

What We've Achieved

  • UL Rating for fire for a wood coating product for plywood & dimensional lumber, the first non-intumescent to achieve this
  • UL Rating for fire for OSB - a major breakthrough that is about to change construction practices everywhere
  • Global warranty for fire, the first wood protection product to achieve this
  • Global warranty for the prevention of mould, mildew and insect infestation for wood products
  • Obtained insurance concessions from our insurance partners, making product basically FREE for property owners
  • MSDS produced by a third party to confirm NexGen's claims of producing non-toxic, eco-friendly coatings
  • Coatings do not add VOC's to wood
  • Custom colour tinting
  • Interior and exterior application with warranty coverage for both
  • Formulated product to be non-corrosive to fasteners