A Note From The President Of NexGen


“I found the Holy Grail of the treating industry.”

Those were the words of my father when he first told me about this incredible product that had solved the age-old issue of long-term viability of of protecting wood products in a simple, eco-friendly and cost effective way.

And he was never more right in his life.

Since that time I have taken the challenge of introducing this life saving and industry changing product to a relatively large market (ie the world).

There have been setbacks and victories, humbling moments and times of celebration. We intro-duced this building product to the world at a time when the world stopped building.  But we persevered, not because we’re better at selling than the competition, but because this product simply has no competition.

NexGen is our passion and our vision for the future. 

Our History:

In October of 2003, New Wood Solutions of Vancouver, Canada, was formed for the sole purpose of developing advanced wood protection products to ensure that this growing market was properly represented within the wood-frame construction industry.

After a number of years developing such products with a great deal of success, the focus of the company is our new NexGen products, the Next Generation of Wood Protection.

Simply put, NexGen is such an important product that anything less than our full attention would be unjust.  After all, it is the best wood protection product the market has ever seen, it can be custom tinted, and it costs substantially less than traditional wood protection products.

Who wouldn’t prefer all of that?

Now as the manufacturer of NexGen, NexGen FlameShield and the top-of-the-line NexGen ADVANCED, NexGen ECOatings Inc has moved NexGen into the industry forefront with its unparalleled ability to protect both interior and exterior wood products from mould, mildew, decay, insects and fire.

NexGen ECOatings is a Canadian corporation with a management team that has more than 60 years of history in the lumber, pressure treating, and chemical industries in Canada.

In 2010, we started the BluSkies Foundation. The foundation provides funding for Green projects in a number of countries, with specific goals of encouraging, supporting, and educating the young people of today to be our Green leaders of the future.  

To all our friends in the industry, we wish to acknowledge that there have been a lot of changes in the focus of our business over the past years.  In that time, some things have never wavered, including our passion for, and our belief in, our products, and our commitment to you.

NexGen is providing all of us with the opportunity to rededicate ourselves to bringing life-saving products into as many homes, offices and commercial properties as possible.

Thank you.

Robert Seaman, President & CEO